Industries We Support

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Efficiency, reliability, and access to clean, renewable energy are the directives that guide construction in todays Electrical Power Industry. These same directives drive Preferred Power Solutions’ work and performance for our Power Industry clients across our geographic market. Our familiarity with the Power Industry has been developed via a diverse array of the industrys most prominent Utility Power Providers. 

We employ strong management practices, set project goals, and pay close attention to detail. Preferred Power Solutions constantly measures progress and productivity to ensure that every project meets critical schedule deadlines while upholding budget controls, exemplary safety standards, and quality performance.

Power Plants

Preferred Power Solutions has proven success and experience in navigating complex, challenging, and schedule-sensitive power plant facility construction. Examples of these facilities are hydroelectric and co-generation power plants (including all balance of plant facilities) for utilities, industrial, and government agencies.

We are equally adept at controlling the convergence of multiple construction disciplines, maintaining tight control by closely managing subcontractors, field personnel, and staff. This allows us to meet our customers’ highest expectations and ensures that each project is managed with the greatest degree of quality craftsmanship, model safety practices, and customer satisfaction. Preferred Power Solutions is proud to have earned a valued position in the industry.

Substations, Switchyards & Converter Stations

Preferred Power Solutions’ extensive experience in substation construction, both in existing retrofits and complete greenfield ground-up construction, demonstrates our ability to work in sensitive environments. We have decades of experience and high-level technical knowledge working in substations, switchyards, and HVDC Converter Stations for both private and public utility companies.

We offer complete construction for substations including the following:

  • Civil works, including foundations, site underground and utility services, substructures, and all related work
  • Grounding systems
  • Station buildings, auxiliary buildings and control buildings including all related finishes, furnishings, building support and access control systems, and all related systems
  • Steel structures
  • High-side bussing systems
  • Electrical raceway systems, cable trench, cable trays/ladders, conduits, duct banks, and related systems
  • Grounding grid/counterpoise and surge/lightning protection systems
  • All related electrical apparatus, and associated support/suspension structures
  • Transformers and all associated support equipment and systems
  • Harmonic filter apparatus, live and dead tank breakers, disconnects, and all related support structures and systems
  • AC & DC bushings and buswork systems, AC and DC yards, and filter yards including rigid welded, strain bus, jumpers and all related terminals, fittings, supports and structures
  • All Power and control cabling, high voltage, medium voltage, low voltage, fiber optic and all related splicing and terminations
  • Protective relays, control systems, and associated wiring
  • Balance of plant facilities
  • Sub-systems testing, commissioning and plant start-up <br>

We provide complete construction QA and QC, but can also collaborate with our clients’ existing QA personnel and consultants.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Preferred Power Solutions is experienced in building electrical vehicle charging stations. We are Certified EVITP (Electrical Vehicle Infrastructure Trained Person) throughout the state of California.

As the electrical vehicle (EV) industry expands, the need for public EV charging is growing rapidly. PPS provides years of experience and proven skill in this emerging market.

Alternative Energies including Wind and Solar

Alternative energy is a fast-paced industry that is rapidly evolving as new technologies are developed and implemented. Government mandates to increase green alternatives indicate a clear commitment to reduce our national carbon footprint.

Though wind, photovoltaic (PV), and battery energy storage systems are highly advanced technologies, they are basic commodities from a construction and installation perspective. Putting the components together and making them work efficiently on a large-scale platform, while maintaining safety and quality, has accelerated our reputation as a superior clean energy provider. “Large-scale” takes a team like Preferred Power Solutions, and we are well positioned to perform in the construction of any alternative energy project.

Battery Energy Storage Systems

Preferred Power Solutions has experience in constructing energy for the future, including renewal energy turbines, solar power, and battery energy storage. Not unlike the batteries involved in your everyday use, battery energy storage systems are devices that enable energy from renewables to be stored and released when needed, though they are much more advanced and efficient.

Renewable energy sources like wind and solar are limitless and cannot be depleted, with wind specifically being the largest source of renewable energy in the United States. Preferred Power Solutions takes pride in its hand in the progress of renewable energy, including storage systems.

General Electrical Construction

Preferred Power Solutions provides experienced electrical construction to our clients. We support government (federal and state), commercial, private, construction, and utilities and public work projects.

We can work both alongside a subcontractor or leading as a prime contractor, but no matter how we work, collaboration with our clients, colleagues, and the community is essential to our business.

Heavy Industrial

Our heavy industrial work involves the retrofitting and new construction of manufacturing and processing plants, refineries in the oil and gas sector, and mining and processing facilities.


Heavy Industrial projects are very detailed and complex, and they are normally mission critical; often facing the additional challenge of keeping facilities up and running safely and effectively, while improvements or project construction is underway. Preferred Power Solutions experience, attention to detail, exceptional project management, and experienced crews meet and overcome those challenges and the unforeseen obstacles that often negatively impact the success and safety of these projects. We assure success in all our projects, by applying the fundamentals of extensive and detailed planning; organizing our resources around our plans, and flawlessly executing. Execution comes only after every task is thoroughly planned and organized, and our plans well communicated and coordinated with the designated stake-holders.

Our projects routinely involve highly constrained schedules; intense operational and security constraints and extremely high levels of safety and environmental scrutiny; this is the world we operate in on a daily basis.